Roberta K. Timothy

Ph.D. in Adult Education, Community

Development, and Women and Gender Studies,

University of Toronto.

Roberta Timothy

B.A. M.A. M.Ed. Ph.D.

Roberta is an anti-colonial, feminist/womanist, activist; poet/playwright, living with a visual (dis)ability. Roberta is an African woman descendant of enslaved Africans brought to the Caribbean, who was born in Turtle Island (Canada). Roberta has lived, resisted and worked for over 17 years in the woman abuse community both locally and globally. Additionally, Roberta works as a therapist and a clinical consultant (Continuing Healing Consultants) working with LGBTTQ populations, under housed, refugee, immigrant populations and providing anti-oppression/anti-colonial supervision with individual and group therapists in several communities and agencies. She has a BA in Political Science and Sociology with a specialty major in international justice and human rights; she also holds an MA in Political Science and a PhD in Adult Education, Community Development and Women’s Studies. Roberta’s work and praxis is grounded in Indigenous knowledges, African/Black feminisms, and anti-colonial, art-based resistance. Some of her publications include: “Third World Women”, “Women of Colour”, and “Minority women”: and African/Black feminist analysis of our identities, in Theorizing empowerment, Canadian perspectives on Black feminist thought (Innana Publications); “Pedagogies of Peace: ‘Talking Back’ to Spin Doctoring”, in Fireweed Special Issue: Women, Race, War and Resistance; Poetry: “Woman, woman” & “It a Shame”, in Convergence; and “An African Feminist Analysis of Popular Culture,” in Facts, Fiction and African Creative Imaginations, (Routledge, forthcoming ). In addition to co-producing an upcoming documentary on Racism and Resistance in the Queer community (Resistance Productions), Coordinator of BWWAD (Black Women and Women of African Descent), collectively working on an anthology on Disability and Race, and finishing another Masters in Counselling Psychology at OISE/UT, Roberta is recovering from and anticipating her next corneal transplant surgery.

I am Identity:

Wrapped in a warm blanket

I am adorned with Grandma’s homemade coconut oil.

Twisted is my hair in braids done tightly by my mother,

Secured in brown wood beads

Given to me by my Aunty.

I am named after my

Father’s mother,

Ruchina is my Kikuyu name.

I am from the womb of red soils

And the land of smiling suns and tall palm trees.

I am the earth’s sweat

And the rain’s dance.

I breathe.

I feel.

I cry.

I am an African woman. (written in 2011)

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Roberta has worked as a consultant for the past X years. Some of her areas of specialization include women abuse; child, youth, and adult violence; intersectional identities, critical expressive arts, multiple oppressions, transgenerational trauma, and resilience/resistance work.

Roberta is Co-Director of Continuing Healing Consultants and has engaged in anti-oppression consulting in the Toronto and global communities since 1997. She is also co-founder and trainer of Anti-Oppression Psychotherapy™.

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